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AVSEC Professional Management Course

avsec logo To provide support for aviation security managers through development of new skills, ICAO has partnered with Concordia University to create the first AVSEC Professional Management Course.

The curriculum of this course is comprised of 70% security and 30% management and is devised for air transportation industry managers, or future managers, whose functions involve responsibilities in the area of aviation security.

The AVSEC-PM is a 12 week program (2 weeks on site and 10 weeks at home). During the first week, the students participate in lectures and hands on training in a classroom setting. The 10 following weeks consist of distance learning with regular individuals and group assignments. The last week takes place in the classroom again and consists of lessons, final assignments, presentations, and a final exam.

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The participants undertaking the program will enjoy several benefits including:
  • The development of their expertise in aviation security management including standards, recommended practices, and field applications
  • A formal diploma issued jointly by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Concordia University
  • Access to an aviation security professional network of all AVSEC PMC graduates as well as specialized information material during the course and in the future


This program is compatible with a full-time job, but it requires an average of 15 to 20 hours per week of course work. This includes:
  • Online learning and readings
  • Classroom learning on week one and week twelve
  • Individual work and team work through a web-based communication platform
A high speed internet connection is highly recommended although the system can function at lower speed.


The eligibility criteria to attend the course are related to:
  • Position
  • Experience
  • Management responsibilities
  • Involvement in the field of aviation security (or potential involvement in such functions)
Due to the heavy workload, including course reading material, assignments and the team presentation, strong English skills are a must.


The fees are €3,600 euros ($4,600.00 Canadian Dollars), which are payable immediately upon acceptance into the program. Please note that this does not include the costs for travel and accommodations for the two face-to-face weeks.

To register for an upcoming session, please refer to the online registration website.

AVSEC PMC Objectives

The main objective of the AVSEC-PMC is to promote the use of management principles and best practices relevant to the field of AVSEC by applying training strategies including e-learning. In this regard, course participants will be provided with guidelines for a common understanding of Annex 17 Standards and Recommended Practices and the Security Manual. Furthermore, the sharing of knowledge and information will promote intra-regional cooperation and create an AVSEC professional network.

Module 1: Global Environment –during first face to face session
Module 2: Terrorism - during first face to face session
Module 3: Understanding Annex 17 and the Security Manual
Module 4: Establishing the Legal Framework
Module 5: Establishing Coordinating Infrastructure
Module 6: Financial Management
Module 7: Development of Specific Measures to Comply with Annex 17
Module 8: Including Security Measures in the Design of Infrastructures and Processes
Module 9: Project Management
Module 10: Technology and Equipment
Module 11: Quality Control
Module 12: Human Resources Management
Module 13: Management of Response to Major Security Emergencies
Module 14: International Cooperation - during second face to face session
Module 15: Other Issues and Related Aspects during second face to face session

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