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Bachelor Degrees

The Bachelor degrees at JMSB are an introduction to the real world of business with your career in mind. Designed to meet the hectic schedules and personal needs of students, JMSB provides you with a solid grounding in business while opening your mind to diverse career options. If you want flexibility and business education that connects you to the world, consider a JMSB Bachelor degree. Discover more advantages to studying at JMSB...

Bachelor of / Baccalaureate in Administration (BAdmin)

The BAdmin program develops capable problem-solvers and decision-makers. It provides students with a fundamental grounding in administration and offers an opportunity to pursue a wide range of interests. Instead of selecting a specific Major in business, students select a limited number of business courses that interest them, potentially including a Minor in a specific business discipline, and complete at least 30 credits from offerings in other Faculties, which may include a Minor in a non-business discipline.

Bachelor of / Baccalaureate in Commerce (BComm)

The BComm program offers an intellectually challenging curriculum that provides students with a solid knowledge in business. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to analyze, formulate, judge, and solve challenging business problems. In the BComm program, students will select a Major and study a specific business discipline in greater detail. Students may also choose a Minor in another business or non-business discipline, according to program specifications.


Students in the BComm program must select a 24-credit major. Although this choice is one that must be specified, a student may opt to change their Major during their degree.


A Minor is a secondary classification of elective credits designed to complement a Major. They are designed to fit within the structure of a degree so as not to extend program length (i.e. Business Minors take the place of 12 elective credits within a degree program). Minors are not compulsory and do not replace completing a Major. See a list of minors offered for BComm students at JMSB...

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BAdmin or BComm, what's the difference?

The BComm and BAdmin programs share the same core courses, however with BComm students can do a major and particpate in Co-op, meanwhile BAdmin students have to complete 30 non-business credits outside of JMSB that can be used towards a non-business minor.

BComm vs. BAdmin - What's the difference?

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