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About the Centre


  1. To develop a synergy among researchers at the John Molson School of Business (JMSB) in order to advance scholarly behavioural research; to initiate new projects; to increase joint research and to support publications and external research funding.
  2. To train and support MSc, PhD, and post-graduate students in the development of analytical, diagnostic, and methodological skills necessary to conduct rigorous behavioural research relevant to the Centre for Multidisciplinary Behavioural Business Research (CMBBR) mission.
  3. To increase the dissemination of knowledge and practices developed within the scope of the CMBBR to the JMSB and Concordia communities, organizations, and practitioners.
  4. To facilitate research exchange among behavioural researchers in Canada and internationally.
  5. To establish and maintain state-of-the-art research facilities for the purpose of conducting behavioural business research.

Research Focus

The CMBBR is committed to the development of knowledge of behavioural issues in businesses and organizations. With this knowledge the goal is to develop processes that result in innovative, sustainable, and responsible solutions that will benefit organizations, their stakeholders, managers, employees, and consumers.

More specifically, the CMBBR focuses on fundamental behavioural research with substantive implications for three major entities: (a) consumers, (b) organizations, and (c) the workforce. The CMBBR is committed to the development of original empirical research that benefits these entities and pertains to behavioural decisions at the level of individuals, dyads, groups, and other social collectives. As such, the outcomes of the research conducted at the CMBBR can benefit marketers, human resource managers, IT designers and managers, in addition to the benefits and implications for the general public.

In addition to the substantive contributions, research supported by the CMBBR aims to have theoretical and methodological contributions primarily in consumer behaviour, organizational behaviour, information systems, and management. For theoretical foundations, the CMBBR research can adopt a body of research in organizational psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, or economics.