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Convocation - Congratulations to JMSB graduates!

JMSB, Concordia Fall 2012 Convocation, left to right: Steve Harvey (Dean), Aldo Bensadoun (Honorary Doctorate recipient and Marcelo Nepomuceno (Valedictorian)
JMSB, Concordia Fall 2012 Convocation, left to right: Steve Harvey (Dean), Aldo Bensadoun (Honorary Doctorate recipient and Marcelo Nepomuceno (Valedictorian)

A message from Dean, Steve Harvey

Congratulations to the class of 2012 on their many remarkable achievements – both academic and extracurricular. JMSB is proud to have students that are so highly committed to scholastic and community achievements.

JMSB also takes this opportunity to thank the families and friends of our graduates who have supported them throughout their university studies.

Our graduates are our ambassadors to the world. On behalf of the faculty and staff of JMSB, I wish them the very best in their future endeavours.

Valedictory address

The valedictorian at JMSB’s convocation ceremony, held on October 31, was Marcelo Nepomuceno, who received his PhD in business administration. He began his address by telling the assembled JMSB graduates that he was incredibly humbled by the news he had been chosen to represent the class of 2012.

It represented the joyous end of a long and difficult journey. He told his fellow graduates about leaving a comfortable life in his native Brazil to come to Montreal to pursue his dream of getting a PhD.

"We all know how difficult it was to get here," he said. "We know how many nights we didn't sleep. We know the challenges we had to overcome ... Tonight we didn't just prove to others that we can get a diploma. We proved to ourselves that we can fight for our dreams."

Now, he told his peers, they just have to figure out where those dreams will take them next.

Aldo Bensadoun receives honorary doctorate

Concordia awarded an honorary doctorate to businessman Aldo Bensadoun, the founder of Aldo shoes. During his address, Bensadoun recalled the fear of the future he felt around the time of his graduation from McGill in 1963. But even though he was anxious, Bensadoun said, he was confident he knew what he wanted to do. "I had to create my own company, my own environment." he said. "A company built not on fear, but on love, discipline, respect, integrity, and hard work.

"Life's journey is not a straight path," he said. "You have ups and downs and you never know what's next." Indeed, the path that brought Bensadoun to Montreal and eventually to success in the business world, was winding and difficult, and included dropping out of Cornell University and a year-long stint selling encyclopedias in the Buffalo region.

Looking back on those difficult years, Bensadoun said, it was the time when he learned some of his most valuable lessons, and when he ultimately realized what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. "If you lose sight of what you like, try to find it," he said. "Look to learn something from each experience. Good or bad, you learn from each experience."

The successful businessman implored Concordia's John Molson School of Business graduates to take chances, and to strive to make a positive difference in a challenging world. "Never settle for half measures. Live your life to the fullest. Create your own vision, to care not only for your welfare, but to care for the people around you."

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Posted November 2, 2012